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Riad Star Marrakech

There was a moment during my stay at Riad Star Marrakech when I thought I had literally died and gone to heaven. It had been a day of tough haggling deep in the souk; even the shopkeepers were emotionally spent such was the drama that had unfolded.

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The strangest golf courses in the World

Golf is a global sport these days, and golfers are constantly searching for new challenges. Here at TripReporter we are all passionate golfers and the challenge for us was could we, from experience, list the strangest golf courses we have ever played. So we did. And so we are delighted to present the strangest golf courses in the World.

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Masai Mara glamping open for annual migration

Masai Mara glamping is a unique opportunity to get close to nature particularly as the Great Migration is one of the most incredible natural spectacles in the world. Over a million Wildebeest gather in the Serengeti to calve and then move north through the Masai Mara drawn by the scent of rain.

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Tunisia. Reinventing Itself once again.

I’m standing by a small garden wall in Tunisia looking at some flowers; a typical everyday scene you might think. And normally you would be right. But in this scene, this particular garden wall is over 5,000 years old and those particular flowers are part of an equally historic mosaic floor of a house in the ancient city of Utique, once one of the most famous Phoenician cities in Africa.

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Ethiopian Airlines. Right at the heart of African aviation

Tewolde Gebremariam is looking rather pleased with himself. Not surprising really considering his airline, Ethiopian Airlines, continues its impressive expansion as Africa’s number one carrier running the only daily east-west flight across the continent and a Star Alliance Member since December 2011.

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The Seychelles True Garden of Eden?

Buried pirate treasure. Ok this was more like it. It’s all very well having gorgeous turquoise water, impossibly white sand and swaying palms to stare at all day long, but even paradise needs a little sprucing up after a while don’t you think? Here in the Seychelles there is plenty of sprucing possibilities after all, some people are led to believe in the Seychelles true Garden of Eden.

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