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APH Shares 5 Top Hacks For Savvy Travellers 

17/03/2023 by .
APH Shares 5 Top Hacks

Nick Caunter Managing Director of APH shares 5 top hacks for savvy travellers

With the UK heading into a cold snap over the next few weeks including the ‘coldest temperature of the year’, many travellers will be looking to book a getaway to sunnier shores and warmer climates. So, to help savvy travellers plan ahead and get the most from their holiday plans this year, Nick Caunter, Managing Director of the UK’s leading airport parking specialist  APH, has shared five booking tips for 2023.


Nick’s top tips include:


Book Off-Peak and Off-Beat

To avoid crowded transport and high prices during peak holiday seasons, plan ahead and book off-peak travel dates. For example, avoiding weekends and flying from Monday – Thursday will not only ensure more choice when it comes to flights and seats, but also cheaper tickets. To enjoy quieter hotels, beaches and restaurants, why not also choose less popular and ‘off-beat’ destinations – some suggestions for this year include Bulgaria, Norway or Montenegro.


Pre-book in Advance

Plan and book as early as possible to get more choice in holiday destinations, flights, hotels and transfer options. Booking in advance can also sometimes allow the cost to be spread out and payments to be made gradually. For example, some trips such as package holidays will allow a deposit to be paid first and the remaining amount paid closer to the holiday departure time.


Maximise Your Holiday Allowance

With the extra Bank Holiday on 8 May for the King’s Coronation, savvy travellers can combine this with the earlier bank holiday on 1 May to book only four days off from work and enjoy a significant 10 days of holiday. This is the same for most bank holidays including the Christmas period when travellers can book three days off work but enjoy 10 days of holiday.


Book Flexible Packages

Booking a flexible package offers security should travel plans need to change. For example, customers booking airport parking or airport hotels through can do so from a year in advance up to a few hours before departure when choosing a Super-Flexible or Flexible product. Dependent on the booking, these products offer the added flexibility of amending or cancelling the booking free of charge, anytime up to the pre-booked car park arrival time or 24 hours before depending on the option chosen.


Pay With a Credit Card When Booking Independently

Although payments made for package holidays are covered by ATOL, payments made directly to airlines and hotels are not. Take advantage of the enhanced purchase protection under the terms of the Consumer Credit Act and pay for flights and room nights with a credit card. This means payments over £100 and under £30,000 will be protected should an airline or travel company collapses or is unable to provide you with the service paid for, and it could be possible to claim the money back from the credit card company.


For further information visit  APH  or call 01342 859515.



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