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Keith Lyons

Hanmer Springs, South Island, New Zealand

17/05/2022 by .
Hanmer Springs

Keith Lyons discovers there’s everything and nothing to do at New Zealand’s spa resort of Hanmer Springs

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Australia’s unexpected hip, chic city of Brisbane

08/10/2019 by .

There’s lots to discover in the thriving cosmopolitan city of Brisbane, with memorable experiences awaiting those who take time out to explore the New World City by the river, as Keith Lyons finds.

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The offbeat side to Sydney, Unmissable.

18/05/2019 by .
the offbeat side to Sydney

Keith Lyons finds out the offbeat side to Sydney. Sydney has its delights with stunning iconic buildings and unspoilt sandy beaches, but how easy is it to find its hidden secrets?

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Hidden wonders in southern New Zealand

02/11/2018 by .
IMG 7952

I was cold, a little wet, and it was as dark as the Three Boys Oyster stout I’d imbibed earlier that evening. On the last day of my trip exploring New Zealand’s deep south, I had found yet another moment of awe.

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