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Solange Hando

Solange Hando

Heritance Tea Factory, Sri Lanka   

11/01/2021 by .

Solange Hando revisits this evocative place, part-hotel part-museum near Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanka’s Central Province.

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Insider guide to Guatemala

05/01/2021This entry was posted in Guatemala, Newsletter and tagged , , on by .

Guatemala is nestled between the Caribbean and the Pacific and Solange Hando explores its cultural sites and natural wonders.

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Namibia: The Northern Highlights

17/09/2020 by .

Namibia’s Dramatic South

07/09/2020 by .

In this first of a two-part Namibia feature, Solange Hando heads south of Windhoek, the ‘windy capital’, to explore Namibia’s wildest landscapes.

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Insider Guide to Reunion Island    

13/07/2020 by .