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Bouquet Restaurant. Taste delicious fine dining in Kentucky

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Andy Mossack reviews the Bouquet Restaurant in Covington, Kentucky

Andy Mossack reviews the Bouquet Restaurant in Covington, Kentucky

It is raining buckets in MainStrasse Village, a throwback to its Germanic roots perhaps, but this doesn’t deter the Covington Kentucky faithful,  who seem hell bent on having a great Saturday night out at the Bouquet Restaurant whatever the weather.

It is, as they say, rammed.

Fortunately, I have a table reservation and right now I’m in the middle of a poetry recital. I say poetry, but in reality Katrina is explaining the menu, but in such beautiful tones it’s all poetry to me.

“The sweet potato flatbread is a perfect portion size for a tempting starter” Katy recites ” the roasted mushrooms’ delicate flavour gently holds hands with the goat cheese, whilst the soy ginger and basil sorrel pesto are ideal companions for the mozzarella…”

She had me at flatbread in all honestly.


The crab cake ($10) with arugala, shiso, turnips. Jalapeno, goat cheese, melon  and curry corn puree was another delightful sonnet, as was the artisanal cheese plate motherboard with four cured meats, five cheeses and pistachio relish and seasonal jam.

But for me, the flatbread ($10) was love at first sight obviously.

The description was poetry, however the reality was equally agreeable, and I have to say, the mushrooms and goat cheese did indeed make a perfect pair.

ImageGen (3)

Talking of pairs, Katy was soon back with an equally beautiful rendition of some wine pairings. So, not just a food poet but a Sommelier poet to boot!

Sensing she has completely won over her audience, she goes in for the kill and declares “I think I’ll just get you that ripe merlot..”

Oh still my beating heart…

By now, I’m in perfect pitch with the Bouquet banquet style; taking basic ingredients and matching them up with unusual partners, a bit like food speed dating perhaps. Owner Chef Stephen Williams passion for blending alternative flavours from farm fresh ingredients is a new and very welcome addition to my palate.

ImageGen (4)ImageGen (2)

Who would guess a Vegas strip steak ($29) would party with blueberries, caraway and arugala so well? Or a pork chop $(26) sit so happily with radish, walnuts and smoked peaches?

Even the vegetarian option is delightfully exotic; sesame seeds encrusted tofu with pickled apples, rapini, onions , quinoa and roasted garlic hummus ($17)

Williams is undoubtedly a food wizard and his farm to table concept a total triumph. With such an array of ingredients at Bouquet Restaurant, it’s no surprise Katy has such poetic licence, there is enough material in this menu for a whole book of prose.

More information on Bouquet Restaurant

Bouquet Restaurant, 519 Main St., Covington, KY 41011

Mon – Thu: 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Fri – Sat: 5:00 pm – 1:00 am

Tel: 859-491-7777





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