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Cathay Pacific First Class

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Would you like us to make up your bed now Mr. Mossack? This was a request quite impossible to ignore after all, it was getting late and a few hours in a freshly made bed seemed a perfect way to arrive bright and ready in Hong Kong. Such is life in Cathay Pacific First Class, when, in just the few minutes it took for me to slip into my cotton sleep suit, my lavish living suite had been transformed into a slumberland complete with mattress, duvet and pillows.

Cathay Pacific has long been associated with classy service, regularly topping the very competitive London to Hong Kong route for overall quality and consistent cabin service and with the new WING first class lounge opening at Hong Kong it was a perfect opportunity to try out its flagship offering and separate the fact from the fiction so to speak.

CX FCL 04 v3

The red carpet pointed the way through to the first class cabin where the suites are roomy enough for two to share the common space for lunch or dinner if you have a companion. If you are alone, then there are more than enough distractions to keep you busy, from the large touch screen entertainment system and high end noise cancelling headphones to the anytime dining options.


Talking of dining options, it was a nice touch being introduced to my personal chef,  who was quick to point out as he handed me the menu I could eat whenever I felt the need, an option as it turned out, I utilised quite frequently. After all, with a choice of wine pairings, it would be rude not to try them out just to see which was the best. For posterity it was the Malborough Sauvignon Blanc and steamed lobster that won the day. Although there were many contenders for the crown, a pretty spectacular Malbec that really complimented the roasted lamb shoulder and a Toscana that did the desert cheese justice

SEP HKGMO Main course Sirloin_ed

The Cathay Pacific first cabin drinks and food service was a delight, everything from the chilled champagne welcome to the signature coconut milk and mint smoothie was professional and non intrusive. The suites are spacious and comfortable which after all, in the precious rarified air space of long haul high end flying, is in my view always the differentiator.

The new first class WING Lounge

Hong Kong airport can be a frenetic place, so climbing into the welcoming arms of Cathay Pacific’s new WING first class lounge was the perfect antidote. Plenty of pre flight  opportunities for rest and relaxation here including the wondrous cabana, your very own wet room spa area complete with full length bath, shower, day bed lounge and dressing gown.


Of course a little stint at the champagne bar wasn’t too shabby either; deep red leather couch chairs and chilled champagne and caviar provided an entertaining starter followed by a meaningful al la carte western or Asian meal in The Haven Cathay Pacific’s legendary full service restaurant.


The WING is the stand out lounge in Hong Kong for Cathay Pacific First, floor to ceiling windows giving you a purposeful glimpse of airport life, the choice of buffet or restaurant, the bars and spa. It all adds up to a perfect way to fly first.

 Cathay Pacific WING

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