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Culturedude makes learning about foreign countries fun.

24/06/2014 by .
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A new site has launched aimed at helping travellers prepare for visiting foreign countries. CultureDude provides a cornucopia of fun facts and cultural best behaviour tips through a series of on-line interactive games to help us avoid any awkward or embarrassing situations occurring in both business and social settings.

The site is also seen by the creators to be a valuable tool for colleagues within multicultural organisations to perhaps better understand each other’s cultural differences. Who would have thought for instance Panamanians tend to point with their lips instead of hands?

The founders feel ” One of the common reason of failure of internationalizing organization is the cultural misunderstanding.Most inner values of people are derived from environment and cultural background in which members/employees originally come from. It can change but most of the time it remains deep inside.”

From a personal and social aspect, there are tips on how to conduct yourself in relationship building or in social situations like going to dinner or visiting family.

The games are designed to provide a fun way to learn, but when we tested them, the sounds and graphics became irritating after a few questions but you can thankfully switch these off in the settings. However, we did like the fun trivia facts about each country and going forward a more adult oriented version could be a highly rewarding investment.

Currently, the site is free to join and use for 60 days.

Start playing CultureDude today and avoid any potential faux pas by clicking here.


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