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eShores offers the soundtrack to Route 66. Powerful and iconic music

21/03/2016 by .
eShores offers the soundtrack to Route 66

America’s iconic Route 66 drive from Chicago to Santa Monica has always offered a bucket list road trip holiday for lovers of the open road and now you can listen to a special musical playlist all the way along the 2,500 miles of it as eShores offers the soundtrack to Route 66.

Route 66 is 90 years old this year and to celebrate, eShores, a luxury tour operator based in the UK,  has produced an interactive graphical tour guide highlighting attractions along the way, a 29 hour playlist of hand picked road songs and background information on all the places you are likely to visit.

Gavin Lapidus, director at eShores, said:

“To commemorate the 90th birthday of such an iconic route, we really wanted to do something above and beyond the usual celebrations. We thought that our interactive tour of The Mother Road would be a fitting tribute, alongside our guide to all the best bits on Route 66. We also created a 29-hour playlist to cover all 2,448 miles of the journey – from Illinois to California. It’s the perfect soundtrack to accompany you on the trip of a lifetime along one of the world’s most famous roads.

“Road trips are a classic American pastime and it’s not hard to see why. There’s no better way to experience America’s varied landscape than from behind the wheel of a car. We want to show people exactly what to expect before they get their kicks on Route 66 and what this world-famous road trip has to offer.”


The actual Route 66 Highway has been decommissioned for many years however the historic route still holds fascination for millions of tourists and many parts of the original road are still navigable. Billy Connolly’s television documentary re-ignited British interest in Route 66 and showed there is a lot of life left in the old Mother Road with plenty of quirky places to experience along the way.

The free interactive Route 66 guide from eShores is available at eShores Route 66





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