South of France

Exclusive guide to the best holiday destinations in the south of france, independent reviews from award-winning travel writers

Royal Clipper with Sails

Sublime Royal Clipper Cruise. Cannes to Rome

This is the Royal Clipper, the largest five masted fully rigged sailing ship in the world on its Mediterranean cruise, from France to Italy.

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 Chateau de Mercues

Stunning Chateau de Mercues, Cahors

Cahors gave the world Malbec – and Chateau de Mercues, which makes some of the best, has added food worthy of the rarefied appellation, not to mention “grand confort” in which to sleep off a multi-course dinner slaked with many vintages.

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Montpellier Antigone fountain

Montpellier. Modern metropolis with a mediaeval heart 

Anthea Gerrie reports on Montpellier, a vastly under-visited city in southern France. It’s a modern city but with a mediaeval beating heart.

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3 1600

Domaine de Perches

Domaine de Perches, a 17th century wine chateau restored with immaculate modern taste, is the perfect base for touring beautiful Occitanie

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Le Château de Candie

Le Château de Candie is a perfect example of a classic French château transformed into a luxury hotel brimming with style, elegance and histoy.

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Skate with leeks and truffle

Truffle Hunting in Uzès, South of France

If there’s one reason to visit the South of France in winter, when despite the brilliant sunshine, it’s freezing cold from the Camargue to the Cote d’Azur, it’s truffles

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