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Winter in Oslo. 6 great things you cannot miss.

07/12/2023 by .
Winter in Oslo

Amy McPherson forgoes the winter sun and visits winter in Oslo, a city where being cool means more than just the snowy white temperature.

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Insider Guide To The Food Of Trøndelag. Norway

21/08/2023 by .
The Food of Trøndelag

Rupert Parker Eats His Way Through The Food of Trøndelag at two different festivals at the same time.

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A Winter Adventure touring Norway

17/03/2023 by .

Guide to winter in Tromso, Norway

19/12/2022 by .
guide to winter in Tromso

Amy McPherson travels north of the arctic circle in winter to explore Norway’s colourful Arctic capital in her guide to winter in Tromso.

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Delicious Gastronomic Guide to Bergen. Norway

10/12/2022 by .
gastronomic guide to Bergen

Cold can make you rather hungry, as Amy Mcpherson discovered in her Gastronomic guide to Bergen in November.

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Hiking Fjords in Norway

28/10/2021 by .

Discovering the Southern Shores of Norway

17/11/2019 by .
Risør marina

If your image of Norway is deep fjords and rugged mountains, then you’re going to be disappointed by the country’s south coast. It’s a far gentler landscape and is where many Norwegians take their summer holidays, rambling in the forests, strolling up hills, swimming in lakes and exploring the islands.

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Walking the Fjords of Norway

15/06/2017 by .
Hikers Descending

I’m on my way to the top of Mount Hoven from the town of Loen, in Western Norway, and it takes me only 5 minutes to climb from sea level up to 1000m. Of course I’m cheating, taking the brand new Loen Skylift, a high tech cable car up the sheer sides of the Nordfjord.

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