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4 fantastic Ibiza restaurants

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4 fantastic Ibiza restaurants

Helen Warwick uncovers 4 fantastic Ibiza restaurants where kids are welcome without compromise.

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Charlatan, La Coruna

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Restaurant Review Enoteca Paco Perez, Barcelona

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La Pepita. Barcelona

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7888 la pepita

Tapas means quite literally lid or cover and it’s said by some the snack originated as a way of protecting your precious glass of wine from flies by placing a piece of bread on top of the glass. Others relate it to King Filipe who passed a law insisting people ate a small snack placed atop their beer or wine before drinking to stay sober. Either way it serves as a perfect introduction to the tapas served at La Pepita.

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Spanish Paradores: Hotels have never tasted so good.

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santa estivo

It’s late morning in Galicia and the surrounding plains are pancake flat (something of a rarity in these parts it must be said), but dominating them is the towering visage of Monte de San Vicente.

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