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La Pepita. Barcelona

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Tapas means quite literally lid or cover and it’s said by some the snack originated as a way of protecting your precious glass of wine from flies by placing a piece of bread on top of the glass. Others relate it to King Filipe who passed a law insisting people ate a small snack placed atop their beer or wine before drinking to stay sober. Either way it serves as a perfect introduction to the tapas served at La Pepita.

The trendy barrio of Garcia is probably unlike anywhere else in Barcelona. Small wonder really because it was once an independent town and even today, the locals still refer to their home as Garcia and not Barcelona. It has a real bohemian village feel to it which has attracted many artists and artisans to live there making it not unlike Greenwich Village in New York.

Tucked away on the Correr Corsega not far from Garcia’s pretty Placa del Sol, La Pepita with its arty walls, mirrors and huge lamps is one of the most popular restaurants in the barrio. Run by owners Sofia and Sergio, their home made take on modern tapas dishes is legendary throughout Garcia. The pepita is actually a pumpkin seed, and whilst there are some wonderful creations using pumpkin, in particular their version of Gazpacho, you will simply have to try their chicken croquettes, the patatas bravas and salted cod with black tomatoes.


Tapas is a small snack or appetizer to be eaten with a drink.  There are many cities throughout Spain which lay claim to being the original home of tapas. The truth is no one knows for certain where it originated (although the clever money is on either Bilbao or Seville) but there is one thing for certain, the types of tapas you will get will depend on where you are. In the dry south you will find plenty of olives, olive oil and fried fish dishes, whilst in the wetter north there will be fresh fish and cheeses on offer.

It is best to book first as la Pepita is always busy.

Ok I want to go, so where is it?

La Pepita,Carrer Còrsega 343, Tel. 93 238 48 93   lapepita




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