Canary Islands

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Hiking In Gran Canaria

Majestic Hiking in Gran Canaria

Far more than just sun and sand, Gran Canaria boasts mountains, colonial villages and archaeological remains, Rupert Parker dons his boots to hiking in Gran Canaria.

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Hotel Botanico Tenerife

I was fully expecting to encounter Agatha Christie or the aristocratic ladies of Downton Abbey, transported by time capsule here to the 5* Hotel Botanico’ elegant terraces sipping afternoon tea, nibbling on finger sandwiches or snooping among the sumptuous gardens of the Grand Dame Hotel.of Tenerife

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02 Riu Palace Tenerife

Hotel Riu Palace Tenerife

What gin would I like for my G & T? The list is long and after a time I finally opt for Miller’s with lemon zest, orange slices and fennel seeds. It’s refreshing, but by far the best part is drinking it on the terrace of the Hotel Riu Palace overlooking the sea on, a warm November evening.

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Sotavento. Fuerteventura web

Fuertenventura. Small but deliciously formed.

Fuerteventura is the second largest island after Tenerife, with only 60 miles separating Punta de la Entallada on its east coast from Cape Juby in Morocco

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Maspalomas. Dunas. Gran Canaria web

Gran Canaria. The miniature continent

Gran Canaria has an advantage because of its  location. It is further to the west of Fuerteventura but also not far from Africa very close to the Sahara.

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