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The Bellevue Restaurant, Adelboden, Switzerland

23/02/2023 by .
the Bellevue restaurant

While on his heavenly trip to Adelboden, Michael Cranmer experiences heavenly food and wine at the Bellevue Restaurant.

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St. Moritz Gourmet Festival Japanese Edition

23/02/2016 by .
Tea Ceremony

The St. Moritz Gourmet Festival Japanese Edition. The town of St Moritz, at an altitude of over 1800m, was Switzerland’s first winter resort and still attracts the rich and famous to its classy 5* Superior hotels. Designer stores line its streets and expensive furs dress the women, while the men dig in their deep pockets to pay the bills. Surrounded by mountains, it’s situated by a lake where winter activities on its frozen surface include horse races and even a cricket match.

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Le Grill Rotisserie

21/08/2014 by .
Le Grill 2

Walking into Le Grill Rotisserie, the Gstaad Palace’s 16 point-rated Gault Millau fine dining restaurant, you instantly realise you’re not walking into a restaurant, you’re entering a destination. Restaurant royalty some might say. After all, this is an establishment with history. A mighty long line of previous suitors who have come here not just to eat and see, but to be seen eating. This is Gstaad after all.

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