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EVA Air revamps its in-flight offering

25/01/2018 by .
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Starting in January 2018, Taiwanese carrier EVA Air is introducing new menus and wine lists, designer pyjamas and bedding, gourmet cakes and cold-pressed juice, so that every cabin class has something new.

Royal Laurel, Premium Laurel, Business Classes

Collaborating with JL DESIGN EVA is unveiling new menus and wine lists for Royal Laurel, Premium Laurel and Business Classes. Inspired by the theme, “Home for Every Season,” the designs suggest flying with EVA Air gives passengers comforts of home. Each cover represents one of Taiwan’s four seasons, spring, summer, fall and winter.

From 1 January through 31 March, EVA is serving new cold-pressed mango and mixed fruit juice beverages in Royal Laurel/Premium Laurel/Business Class cabins on flights departing Taiwan. Made from tree-ripened Taiwanese Irwin Mangoes with a blend of sweet tangerine, passion fruit and banana, the drink captures Taiwan’s most famous flavours in a glass.

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Royal Laurel Class passengers on the Paris route and selected North America flights get a new dessert created by EVA and SEASON Cuisine Pâtissiartism. A light and airy variation on classic French strawberry cake, “Neige” Composed of buttery almond cake layered with fromage blanc and fresh raspberry jam,

Also this month, EVA is introducing new pyjamas created by London-based designer label APUJAN for Royal Laurel and Premium Laurel Class passengers. The new blue pyjamas feature a print design that tells the story of travelling 36,000 ft. above the earth and is available on EVA flights longer than five hours throughout 2018.

Premium Economy Class

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Along with officially renaming this cabin, EVA is upgrading Premium Economy Class linens. The airline has introduced golden-brown quilts in soft, comfy textures and large down pillows, approximately 12 in. x 16 in. (30 cm x 40 cm), that have uniquely patterned covers designed to help promote better sleep on long-haul flights.

Economy Class

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EVA has begun serving pound cake by French bakery PAUL as a special item on non-lunch and non-dinner flights from Hong Kong to Taiwan. The airline changes flavours every month and began 2018 by giving passengers a choice between chocolate or fruit pound cake.

For more information please visit EVA Air, or contact EVA Air on 0207 380 8300.



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