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Fear of Flying App Launched

26/01/2015 by .
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Anyone who has a fear of flying will be reassured by a new iPhone app which calculates the odds of a plane crashing based on safety statistics.
“Am I Going Down?” is a brand new flight safety calculator, released this month. The app is available for all Apple devices, and was created by husband and wife team Nic Johns and Julie Postlethwaite of Vanilla Pixel.

Using publicly available statistics, “Am I Going Down?” is designed to calculate the likelihood of a plane crash. The app takes safety statistics for every airline, aircraft model, and airport, and uses this information to calculate the odds of any given flight “going down”.

Potential passengers with a fear of flying simply input the details of their planned journey, and the app calculates how likely it is that the plane will crash.

As an example, those travelling from New York JFK to London Heathrow on a British Airways Boeing 747-400 will find that they have a 1 in 9,283,062 chance of a crash, with a crash only likely should they take the same flight every day for 25,433 years.

In addition, “Am I Going Down?” ranks worldwide airlines and aircrafts based on their records, using a sleek design and plenty of visual imagery that makes it easy to see – thanks to its colour-coded rankings – which options are the safest.

“Am I Going Down?” has been created primarily for those who have a fear of flying, with the statistics showing that while air crashes may make the headlines, the likelihood of issues occurring on any given flight is actually very low. This new app is also likely to appeal to anybody who has an interest in flight safety statistics, crash statistics or in comparing various airlines and aircraft.

Says Nic Johns of Vanilla Pixel, “Our inspiration for this new app was personal, and stemmed from a fear of flying. Our aim is to help to reassure those who are worried about the safety risks involved when flying, proving – through the use of statistics – that airline travel is actually very safe.”

“Am I Going Down?” is available from the Apple AppStore for £0.79. For more information or to download the app, visit


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