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The HIPPYCHICK HIPSEAT. A perfect mum accessory for the festival season

13/06/2014 by .
Liberty Hipseat

With the festival season now well and truly upon us, here is a perfect accessory for any mum who wants to look hip and trendy carrying their kid. The Hippychick HipSeat transforms carrying an offspring into a fashion statement, particularly with this new special edition Liberty Art fabric version.using floral fabric in shades of dusky pink and sage green.

The Hippychick HipSeat is essentially a back supporting waist belt with a non-slip padded foam shelf attached to it to allow you to perch your baby as young as six months or your toddler as old as three for a lot longer than you would be able to if carrying was your only option. The seat is constructed so your child can perch on the ledge and wrap its legs around your body, just as if you were carrying but without any strain on your back.

The Hippychick HipSeat is machine washable, just as well as Glastonbury’s notorious mud is world famous.

Hippychick was founded by Julia Minchin in 1999, who originally set up the business in order to work around her children and the hipseat was her first product. Since then her company has grown to encompass all kinds of children’s toys and parenting accessories.

The new Hippychick Hipseat made from Liberty Art Fabric costs £49.95 and is available on-line  at The original Hippychick Hipseat, priced at £39.95, is also available in five block colours: black, purple, grey, coffee and navy



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