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Italy hit by an earthquake. Huge quake 6.2

24/08/2016 by .
Italy hit by an earthquake

The central region of Italy hit by an earthquake early this morning was 6.2 in magnitude.

The quake which was centred around the town of Amatrice in the region of Latium some 100 kilometres north east of Rome was also felt in Umbria, Le Marche and Lazio.

The earthquake, which has been reported as being “shallow” just 10km below ground has already claimed 237 lives and left hundreds of people injured.

It is similar in size to the earthquake which hit L’Aquila in 2009 killing over 300 people.

There have been over 80 aftershocks and currently rescue teams are searching to rescue and recover victims as fast as possible.

quake debris

Italy hit by an earthquake is sadly not an uncommon headline. Italy is no stranger to seismic activity, in particular the Apennine mountain range which is a fault line that is constantly moving apart.

it is remarkable in some ways how so much of the region’s ancient buildings and historic hilltop towns have survived for so long. Even more tragic then when they finally succumb to such a brief but violent end.

Sergio Mattarella the Italian President called this natural disaster “a moment of grief “.

Map Image (c) USGS  rescue image by Reuters



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