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Legoland Windsor

TripReporter destination reviews are always first-hand experiences. However, a seasoned travel professional is no match for the rigours of LEGOLAND Windsor, a child-friendly theme park, so we sent a much better-qualified team of experts to review it for us; a family of two adults and two children:

Driving home after a fabulous day with two small children fast asleep in the back of the car with huge smiles after exclaiming, “that was sooo much fun” is always very satisfying. It was just one of the memories we took home after a full day out at LEGOLAND Windsor.

Nestled within the beautiful green space of Windsor Great Park, a child’s dream awaits (and now I come to think of it, perhaps more than a few adults too). LEGOLAND Windsor.  A place where imagination becomes real, and kids can take to the road, soar through the skies and sail the seas in complete safety.

Throughout the 150 acres of the theme park children aged 2 -12 can interact with LEGO figures of people, animals and vehicles made up from over 80 MILLION pieces and enjoy over 55 rides and experiences perfectly suitable for kids under a metre like the Pirate ship, log flume, rapids and roller coasters

With our 3 year old son almost hyperventilating with excitement we boarded the Atlantis submarine Voyage and got transported to an undersea world where we saw live sharks, fish and coral, set amongst LEGO mermaids, ship wrecks and deep sea divers.

Atlantis Ride Experience

Another firm favourite with Casey was the Fire Academy, climbing onto a fire engine and saving LEGOLAND from burning to the ground.  Who would have thought we could all work as a team pumping  the levers like there was no tomorrow to race  the fire engine towards the building and then clambering out to spray water like a laser through windows to “put out the fire” before racing back to the finish line as winners.

Fire School 05

The Pirates of Skeleton Bay show was a lot of fun.  Lots of stunts, jet skis, daring gymnastics and audience participation and definitely at the top of our must see list, just be prepared to get wet!

Even though our three year old son was tall enough for most of the rides, children under three have their very own  Tiny Feet Guide which highlights attractions that have no height restrictions on them. Look for the teddy bear symbols to show which rides are suitable for them to enjoy.

Legoland_April_2014_ 9

Naturally, with so much excitement all around us it didn’t take long for energy levels to dwindle, and we sought out food and drink to re-energise. Lots of choices from burgers to baguettes. But here’s a headline maker, many of the restaurants and coffee shops  offer free children’s meals after 3pm on weekdays and after 4pn at weekends, so if you can hold out until the afternoon for a main meal it is well worth it.

LEGOLAND Windsor can get very busy and if you want to avoid having to stand around in a queue you can rent a Q-BOT mobile from £15 and reserve your own time slots for the most popular rides. The Q-Bots come in three versions, basic, express (£30) which cuts your waiting time by half and ultimate (£70) where you can enjoy near instant access. All the versions let you reserve your time and leave you free to enjoy the park until your chosen time arrives.

Of course, if you just can’t get enough of Legoland Windsor you might fancy a stay at the resort hotel stay which offers themed bedrooms to keep that LEGO  experience alive for as long as possible.

Brick or Treat is Back


‘Brick or Treat’ is back with a bang at LEGOLAND Windsor this October with more LEGOtastic Halloween fun than ever – from the Forest of 5,000 Pumpkins to Frankie’s Monster Ball and a
special visit from the wicked Lord Vampyre. PLUS an extended run for the spectacular end of season
fireworks with an all new LEGO® Legends of Chima Fire and Ice display 18/19, 25/26 October and 31 October/1 November.

I want to go to LEGOLAND Windsor, How much is it?

In advance online, from £35.10 for adults, £31.05 for children (free for under three’s) and from
£132.30 for families (2 adults + 2 children or 1 adult + 3 children)

Book here:
LEGO themed LEGOLAND Hotel prices
Themed family (2 adults/ up to 3 children) rooms available from £247 low season or £337
high season
Hotel price includes breakfast and Park tickets for two days plus early bird access to
selected rides the Park
Book here:
*firework displays on 18/19, 25/26 October and 31 October/1 November


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