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Little Cayman Beach Resort

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The sound of the lunch bell brought me out of my reverie.Just as well really as I was dreaming about being chased by a stingray wearing a pirate’s hat, but that’s another story.

The reason for my reverie was a very comfortable hammock strung between two palm trees down by the Caribbean  lapping at the edge of the Little Cayman Beach Resort property. A property so wonderfully put together, you could stay here for the rest of your life. Diving and snorkelling on tap, canoes at the ready, long walks along the white sandy beach, flocks of Boobie and Frigate birds flying overhead, home cooked meals three times a day, a highly appealing pool and hot tub, 40 very comfortably appointed spacious guest rooms and even a local iguana who likes it so much he’s a permanent guest too.

The resort is just a stone’s throw from the airport, (I say airport, but in reality a small shack and a bit of tarmac that welcomes the local inter island air service two or three times a day connecting Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac. Little Cayman is the polar opposite of its grander and more commercial sister, this is an island where the focus is on nature and wildlife, a birding playground where tranquillity and rustic living is the order of the day.Cayman Islands 455

Little Cayman Beach Resort ticks just about every box you would need;  four star living but giving you that sense that you are never far away from nature. Which of course on Little Cayman is never far away in any direction.

The resort on-site dive team makes sure you can have as much or as little water borne fun as you would want, whilst the spa can help you maintain your ying and your yang balance.

My ying and yang were balanced very well and with the buffet lunch over, I felt the need for another hammock session. Well you have to do something before the dinner bell rings.

Rates from $1200 pp for 7 nights full board.

Little Cayman Beach Resort/

Getting there:

British Airways operates a service from Heathrow to Grand Cayman four times a week. The lead-in fare is from £779.75 including taxes/fees/carrier charges.Why not upgrade to World Traveller Plus and get additional legroom, wider seats, priority boarding and extra baggage allowance.

To book or for more information visit or call 0844 4930787.

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