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New Travel Guides For Diabetics

28/06/2018 by .
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After being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 26, French traveller Laura Pandolfi has created travel guides specifically designed for diabetics.

After her diagnosis, she couldn’t find any quality information regarding travelling with the condition so she decided to create her own travel guides packed with local nutritional and medical information. Her aim is to make travelling, for people with Type 1 or 2 diabetes, a safe and healthy option.

In her first year, she has covered five destinations: Paris, The French Riviera, Lisbon, Mexico, and Cuba. The guides can be downloaded direct from her website.

The guides are divided into three chapters:

Local food and nutrition: description of each regional dish, dessert, and drink with nutritional information on ingredients, advice, and a dictionary with phrases and vocabulary to help customise local food to personal needs.

Health-care system and emergency information: emergency phone numbers and addresses of medical facilities, hospitals, specialized doctors, laboratories and pharmacies. There’s also terminology to help communicate with healthcare professionals for those not fluent in the local tongue.

Active Tourism: Suggestions of walking and biking tours in each destination.

For more information or to download her books, contact Laura at





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