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Paultons Park Family Fun

06/07/2016 by .
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Would the lure of Peppa Pig World and the new Lost Kingdom Dinosaur theme park prove to be far too much fun for one family day out at Paultons Park? TripReporter sent the Wallace family of two adults and two kids to give us a thorough and exhausting testing. Here is their Paultons Park family fun diary

10am – Arrive bright and early at the gates to make the most of our day with two very excited young boys. Casey is five and Ronnie is two and confirmed Peppa Pig fanatic!

10.15 – Forced toilet stop for the boys including dad (great toilets with combination toilet seats and low sinks for children) and we all sit on a bench to look at the park map and decide where on earth to start……


10.20  Ronnie points to Peppa Pig of course. Casey groans. We set off but get distracted as we pass the Kontiki ride, a swirling, swinging boat. Just have to have a go!

1050 – Arrive at Peppa Pig World. Screams of delight from Ronnie when we meet Grandpa Pig at the entrance. Wow, lots of rides for toddlers all based on the characters from the show.

1055 – We decide on Peppa’s Big Balloon Ride first, flying high in the sky and then George’s Dinosaur Adventure Ride and Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Flight. Ronnie is in dreamland. Casey is just dreaming of faster rides.



1145 – Lunch break. Plenty of choices of outlets but we’ve brought our own so we set up at picnic table and have an outdoor feast.

1230 – Queue up for a meet and greet with a life-sized Peppa and George and two singing staff members. Ronnie is normally frightened of life size characters but today is all smiles and so is Casey who has been won over by George. Even better, we take a photograph with our own camera to capture our special family moment!

12.50 Time for Casey to hit the big rides in the main park and return to Peppa later in the day. Still have six rides and attractions to see, an indoor play zone and the muddy puddles splash park to conquer.

1300 – We have a race in rubber dinghies down the WaveRunner!  Waterslides sliding down steep undulating flumes and getting very wet!. Family races are such fun!

1315 – A quick wizz around Critter Creek to play on the jumping bean and cat o piller coaster before heading back in time to the dinosaurs in the Lost Kingdom. Casey is getting very excited now.


1330 – We take a stroll through the beautiful gardens looking at  the park’s resident wildlife before diverting for a soaking on the Raging River log flume and conquering the Cobra roller coaster.

1430 – Into the lost Kingdom!  Casey has two rides on The Magma, a circling volcano themed drop and twist ride before jumping on the Flight of the Pterosaur coaster leaving his brother behind because he was not tall enough. This proves to be one of our favourites; suspended nearly 400 metres above the ground hurtling around at terrifying speed. We take turns looking after Ronnie as we all want to have a go!  After surviving the boomerang of the Velociraptor, we take our very own prehistoric 4×4 jeep tour up close and personal with dinosaurs!



1600 -Time running by too fast and we only have two hours left! Time for a quick tea, coffee, ice cream and toilet stop to be recharged and ready for the final push!

1630 – Casey and Ronnie love our live encounters with a baby dinosaur and a life size T-REX (who doesn’t like the adults very much!) These animatronics are sooo life like.


1700 – With time running out we head back to the Waverunner for another go, then to Peppa Pig world for a play on Daddy Pigs car ride, a splash in the Muddy Puddles and go inside Peppa and George’s house.


1730 – Time for one more ride and the kids choose the Professor Blasts Expedition Express so we can all go on it together.

The Wallace Verdict

What a day! Big thumbs up from Casey and Ronnie and we adults had just as much fun. The new  Lost Kingdom, the newest attraction, featured life-like dinosaurs and it felt like an American theme park, it really was like being inside our very own Jurassic Park.

The kids were able to drive their own safari car through the park and see baby dinosaurs hatching from their eggs. We even saw a baby dinosaur in a crate that tried to bite me, the kids  loved it! The staff were so interactive and friendly that it made it a fantastic place to be.

Brilliantly done.

The Wallace’s can’t wait to go back!

Tell me more about Poultons Park Family Fun

Paultons Park is host to more than 60 rides and attractions, as well as being home to Peppa Pig World, Paultons Park has this year launched Lost Kingdom, a new dinosaur theme park world set within four acres of Jurassic landscape with a whole host of dinosaur themed rides including two world-class family rollercoasters: Flight of the Pterosaur and Velociraptor.

For further information, including a calendar of opening times and to book tickets online in advance to save money visit

A family of four booked online in advance is £99

Adult or child (over one metre) ticket booked online in advance is £25.75

Children under one metre are admitted free of charge


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