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PowerTraveller PowerMonkey Discovery review. Elegant Mobile Charger

06/05/2014 by .
PowerMonkey Discovery1

How many times have you found yourself almost out of battery power for one of your mobile devices? If you are anything like me, the very thought of having a dead iPhone or tablet while I’m on the move, brings me out in a cold sweat. Our addiction to being on-line 24 hours a day has been recognised as a medical condition, so it is great to know that with the PowerMonkey Discovery there is an alternative to Intensive Care.
The PowerMonkey Discovery is a simple yet very effective charging device which when fully charged, can recharge an iPhone twice over (although the second time won’t charge it fully) or standard mobiles 3-4 times. In fact, any compatible USB e-devices from tablets and mp3’s to GPS’s are fair game for the PowerMonkey Discovery.
The high performance 13wh lithium polymer battery is encased in a super elegant aluminium casing no bigger than an iPhone and certainly lighter, with a rack of led lights to give you an indication of the state of your charging. The last green led turns red when your PowerMonkey Discovery needs to be refuelled, which is via a micro USB connector to your computer or by mains through a USB enabled power plug.
For anyone who is going to be out of touch of a power outlet either travelling or hiking or simply walking the dog, the PowerMonkey Discovery is a very useful friend to have tucked away in times of need.

You also might like PowerTraveller‘s SpiderMonkey too, a sleek, handy way to charge 4 separate USB devices at the same time via an AC power outlet using the supplied micro USB connector. Smaller than the PowerMonkey Discovery but equally elegant in an aluminium finish, it weights just 105g so a very cabin friendly device to have on board.

I like these, how much are they?

The PowerMonkey Discovery retails at £45.00 and the SpiderMonkey is £40.00.
Both are available from



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