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Ryanair New carry on rules apply this month

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Ryanair New carry on rules to apply this month

Ryanair New carry on rules to apply this month

From November 2018 Ryanair new carry-on rules will apply.  Now, only priority passengers are allowed to bring two free bags onboard.

Non-priority passengers can bring one free bag onboard, but it must conform to the new smaller size limitation of 40 x 20 x 25cm and being able to fit under the seat in front. Non-priority passengers can still bring a 10Kg wheelie case but it has to be checked in to the hold and carries a €/£8 fee payable at the time of booking.

Any bags that do not fit Ryanair new carry on rules will pay a gate bag fee of €25 and the bag will be tagged and placed in the hold. An interesting note here: Ryanair says the new sizer measure will be 42cm x 20cm x 30cm which is slightly larger than their stated small bag maximum. Perhaps they might be a little flexible, perhaps not. It is best not to take any chances.

Only Priority Customers Can Bring Two Free Carry-On Bags

Non-Priority Customers Can Bring One Free (Small) Carry-On Bag

According to Ryanair the new bag policy (the second change in 12 months) is being implemented to speed up the delays that have occurred through tagged bags having to be placed in the hold at the gate. RyanAir also states that 60% of Ryanair customers will be unaffected by this bag policy change since 30% of customers already buy Priority Boarding and 30% already travel with only 1 free (small) carry-on bag.

Ryanair’s Kenny Jacobs said:

“From November 2018, we are introducing a new lower cost 10kg checked bag and changing our carry-on bag policy to eliminate boarding/flight delays. Priority Boarding customers will continue to enjoy two free carry-on bags. All other (non-priority) customers will be allowed one free (small) carry-on bag, and those who wish to check in a second bigger 10kg bag can do from €/£8 at the time of booking.

Ryanair New carry on rules will speed up the boarding and cut flight delays. 60% of customers will be unaffected by these changes and we expect that the other 40% will either choose to buy Priority Boarding or a 10kg check bag or will choose to travel with only one (free) small bag as 30% already do so today.”




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