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Sharrow Bay Hotel reveals Sticky Toffee Pudding recipe

25/03/2015 by .
Sharrow Bay Lake

The world famous Sharrow Bay Hotel, home of the original Sticky Toffee Pudding first created in the 1970s, is to offer a special, one off, masterclass, where the secrets behind its much copied, but never replicated, winning recipe to the world famous dessert will be revealed under secret conditions!

The recipe of the 13 times Michelin starred hotel in the Lake District was featured in The One Show on BBC 1, in which Cumbrian celebrity chef, Ricky Andalcio, attempted to reproduce the famous “secret” recipe. Three local experts were put to a blind test between his own version and the classic Sharrow Bay Hotel original to see which the best was.  The original Sharrow Bay Hotel recipe won!

The recipe has been a closely guarded secret by successive chefs of the hotel since the 1970s.  Even hotel staff have to sign an official secret pledge not to reveal the ingredients!

To celebrate its win on the The One Show, The Sharrow Bay Hotel, which has recently undergone a major redesign to restore the grand building back to its former glory, will be holding a special ‘Sticky Toffee Pudding Master class’ on 12 May 2015.

The master class, which will cost  £65, will be with Sharrow Bay’s head pastry chef, Paula Richardson, and head chef, Mark Teasdale, and will reveal how to make the world beating dessert.  The demonstration will be followed by lunch.

For those joining the master class, the hotel is offering a special price of £150 per room per night including breakfast. Alternatively, prices for a one night stay (excluding the master class) starts from just £430 per room and will include dinner, bed and breakfast.

 The Sharrow Bay Hotel


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