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Soundasleep Speaker Pillow

10/12/2020 by .
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Back in the day, anyone with a hint of insomnia had a tough time finding ways to drop off. It was down to either counting sheep or replaying your football team’s worst goalless draw in your head.

These days technology can help through playing soothing sounds via wireless headphones, in-ear buds or perhaps an innovative hood with a built-in speaker.

Soundasleep has come up with perhaps the most obvious solution; a comfy pillow with a 1.5w multi-directional speaker hidden away inside it. Doing away with the need for anything in your ears except soothing sounds from your mobile phone, audiobook, podcast or some sounds of nature from the free app.

The pillow itself is generously filled with 100% polyester hollow fibre and covered with a luxury-feel microfiber quilt providing more than enough support for your head and neck. The speaker is ingeniously buried deep within the pillow and hooked up to a 1.3-metre-long cable that doubles as a phone charger too. You get to this via a discreet zipper pocket on the side that tucks it all away during the day.

At its most basic level, you can simply play audio from your phone through the pillow to help you drop off to sleep. Download the free app though and you get some handy extras. Through the app you can set up a time to stop playing, set an alarm, detect and monitor any snoring and get it to gently play something if your snoring level rises above a certain volume. There’s also a mindfulness library of sounds you can use instead of your own playlist, from white noise, ocean waves and dripping water, to sounds of the forest, a crackling fire or various meditative sonics.

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Whilst at 1.5w the speaker is certainly not going to be studio quality, but it does do enough to provide an authentic soundtrack, after all, you want it to be pretty quiet.

The only potential downside is the pillow isn’t washable because of the built-in electronics. Soundasleep advises using either a washable pillow protector or just hand sponge away any dirty marks.

A good night’s sleep is so important to your everyday wellbeing the Soundasleep Speaker Pillow may well be a pathway to get you 8 hours of blissful slumber. Then again, there’s always the sheep alternative, but I’m not convinced about that one.

Tell me more about the Soundasleep Speaker Pillow

The Soundasleep Speaker Pillow is available at £39.99. At the time of writing, there is a Bluetooth version reduced from £50 to £20.






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