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The Very Odd Side of Las Vegas. 8 unmissable places to visit.

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Andy Mossack uncovers some of the strangest places in Sin City in the very odd side of Las vegas. strip3 d7b175ef 3642 41a4 9dad 33b9be2b00a9

Andy Mossack uncovers some of the strangest places in Sin City in the very odd side of Las vegas.

Las Vegas is known to be a place for its high rollers and neon entertainment. TripReporter recently covered the artsy side of the city. But if you peel all the glitz away, you’ll see a very bizarre side of the city. For those of you who enjoy experiencing the absurd, check out some of these altogether truly unusual attractions.

Cadavers in strange poses

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Bodies with the skin peeled off in glass displays are probably the last thing you would want to see on a trip to Vegas, or any place for that matter. However, tourists who have a curiosity for human anatomy will appreciate Bodies: The Exhibition, which is currently located in the Luxor Hotel. For visitors who are faint of heart, there are signs informing them to avoid certain rooms.

Prepare for the apocalypse

Everything you need to fight off undead brain eaters is available at the Zombie Apocalypse Store. Get your pick of the weaponry including throwing stars, swords, knives, and stun guns masked as cell phones. You will even be able to practice your zombie killing skills on realistic life-size zombie dolls.

Famous freaks

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What trip to Las Vegas would be complete without watching one of the strangest shows that has made its home in Sin City? Cirque Du Soleil with its weirdoes and anomalies is now a brand that has shows everywhere including Mystere, Zarkana, “O”, and Ka. Each one will take you on a journey filled with surreal delights that will have you wondering what you just saw.

Glam rock golf

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Who would have thought that golf and glam rock would go so well together? The KISS Monster Golf course is an indoor glow-in-the-dark 18-hole setup decorated with neon images of KISS members and paraphernalia. It’s right across from the Hard Rock Hotel.

Where signs go to die

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What used to be the storage for old neon signs is now a tourist spot. The Neon Museum houses more than 150 classic neon signs, and all of them serve as mementoes of Las Vegas’ history. Some of them have been cleaned up to look brand new. You can take a tour, celebrate special events, or get hitched in the two-acre property.

Go inside a nuclear explosion

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In 1952, almost 1,000 nuclear bombs were detonated in the Nevada desert. East of the Strip is the National Atomic Testing Museum, which explores the history behind all this testing. The highlight of the museum is the nuclear blast simulation in the Ground Zero Theatre. It also features nuclear weapon relics including the Backpack Nuke, the Davy Crockett Weapons Systems, and a large nuclear reactor.

Get served by the worst waiters

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For an unusual dining experience, have a meal at Dick’s Last Resort in the Excalibur Hotel. All the waiters are rude on purpose. They will tauntingly push you to wear adult bibs and silly giant hats with expletives written on them. With barbecue chicken breast meals called The Dolly and cocktails with naughty names, you’ll have a good chuckle while at Dick’s Last Resort.

Recycled establishments

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Ever gone to a mall made out of junk? Container Park may be the closest you’ll get to such a place. As you enter, a big shiny praying mantis that breathes fire in the evening welcomes you in. The complex is built out of shipping containers stacked on top of each other that house a selection of restaurants, clothes stores, and galleries.


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