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Anysharp Pro knife sharpener

01/04/2019 by .
The AnySharp Pro knife sharpener is emblazoned with line The World's best knife sharpener which in anyone's book is a pretty bold statement.

The AnySharp Pro knife sharpener is emblazoned with line The World’s best knife sharpener which in anyone’s book is a pretty bold statement.

But here’s the thing. the Anysharp Pro knife sharpener does work very well. And, shockingly for me, sharpened my serrated bread knife too without any fuss or bother. I took it with me on a recent self-catering trip to Italy.

I have to admit, I’m a bit old school when it comes to kitchen knives. I bought an expensive set of Zwillings and one of their long diamond-coated sharpening steels to keep the blades in good shape. Of course, I never ever put them in the dishwasher for cleaning, only running them under warm running water was good enough for my babies.

So you can imagine my suspicion when a product makes such an audacious promise.

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The Anysharp Pro knife sharpener is, in reality, quite a simple product. It’s a small round tub with a suction pad on the bottom. There’s a lever attached to the top that you pull down to engage the suction cup to provide safe, hands-free sharpening. The genius part is with the pair of mounted tungsten carbide sharpening edges set at 20 degrees, said to be the optimum angle for sharpening steel blades. Just gently drawing the blade through three or four times is all the effort you need to make those edges razor-sharp.  The manufacturers are so sure the Anysharp Pro knife sharpener will cut it, it comes with a 10-year guarantee.

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The Anysharp Pro knife sharpener comes in seven colours, brushed steel, brushed copper, brushed brass, sandblasted gunmetal, polished wolfram, painted red and painted cream.

The only problem I’m left with is to decide what I else I can do with my now-redundant Zwilling sharpening steel. Perhaps a makeshift lightsabre?

Tell me more about the AnySharp Pro knife sharpener

The AnySharp Pro knife sharpener is available in a range of colours from Amazon prices from £13

 Anysharp Pro knife sharpener New Model Update

Hot on the heels of the Anysharp Pro knife sharpener comes the new Twist & Sharp model which does away with the suction lever system in favour of a simple twist to stick the sharpener to a surface. It claims this has the strongest suction cup mount of any sharpener in the world and while I can’t prove it, I can vouch for its effectiveness. One twist and you have a safe, hands-free knife sharpener, every bit as effective as its stablemate.

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The new Twist & Sharp is available from Amazon  AnySharp Anysharpde Knife Sharpenerir?t=tripreporter 21&l=am2&o=2&a=B00OPWG0GW from £14.99


9 thoughts on “Anysharp Pro knife sharpener

  1. Susan cripps

    Well so far l have pulled a blunt kitchen knife through at least 140 times and it’s still as blunt.

    1. andy mossackAndy Mossack Post author

      Interesting to hear Susan. Is it the same model? I found as long as the suction was strong and stable it worked with both straight and serrated blades.

  2. Joel Aronson

    To many sharpeners lately are claiming to be “the best” this far none are even close. They all give you the standard 20 degree angle with differing materials inside. In sum, nothing yet beats an annual Stone sharpening and a steel before and after each use to keep the edges “true”

    1. andy mossackAndy Mossack Post author

      Fair point Joel, I can only tell you that three swift pulls later I have a razor sharp chef knife. It works just as well on serrated bread knives. Each to their own I guess.
      Good to hear from you.

  3. Simon Ballard

    The ANY SHARP has proved very effective on my knives, straight and serrated. I’m just unsure when they’re reached the end of their lifespan, and what is their average lifespan anyway? I cannot believe it’s 10 years. I’ve had my ANY SHARP proving effective for a year plus, but I’m beginning to suspect fatigue…..

    1. andy mossackAndy Mossack Post author

      Hi Simon
      I’ve been using mine for over two years with no obvious issues. I suppose it depends on what knives you use. I suspect serrated ones may wear it out in a shorter term. Either way, as a consumer in the UK at least, you have a right to fit for purpose usage from the retailer regardless of a manufacturer’s warranty. Check out the consumer rights act.

    2. Simon Ballard

      Agreed. When your anxiety starts is tantamount to when the sharpener blunts! If it were working (as it did originally), it would be very obvious. No hiccups. No multiple efforts required. Etc, etc. Wear and tear!


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