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The Sun Sniper Pro Camera Strap

19/06/2013 by .
sun sniper pro

Any decent photographer will tell you they have a photographic award just waiting to be won. After all,  if you can frame a shot perfectly in your head, own a decent DSLR camera, and get out enough, the opportunities will be there.

My problem is I miss a lot of those perfect snaps because I spend far too long digging my camera out of its case, wrapping the strap over my head, taking the lens cap off and focussing. So by the time I’m ready, that glorious moment is a thing of the past.

With the Sun Sniper Pro however, you can forget lens caps, straps and cases, because this is camera strap heaven; a perfect and secure solution to having a DSLR camera ready to roll at a moments notice.

The Sun Sniper Pro is effectively a camera strap that sits diagonally like a sling across your shoulders, the camera hanging down at arms length within instant reach to be brought up for a shot and then just left to hang back again. Gunslinger style. Actually, guns, or more particularly rifles, were the inspiration behind this genius product.Made from durable ballistic nylon, with an embedded cut-proof steel cable, the Sun Sniper strap screws into the DSLR via its tripod mount interface using a stainless steel bearing, fitting snugly into the base. The weight is distributed evenly across the shoulders and the added insulation of a shock absorber pad makes wearing the strap almost effortless and weight free. Sun-Sniper is so confident the steel enhanced strap will survive a knife cut attempt from a would be thief, it offers free insurance protection just in case this particular thief might be carrying a blow torch.

For me, the only concern was a worry the steel bearing might loosen its grip on my camera letting it plummet south towards concrete. Thankfully, so far it hasn’t budged an inch. Designed by German photographer Wolfgang-Peter Geller who was inspired by the US Calvary carbine 1885 sling, this is a must have strap if you’re a serious DSLR user who needs your camera ready in an instant and wants to wave good bye to that neck and shoulder ache lugging all that weight around your neck.

I definitely feel an award coming on.

Sun Sniper sling shot strap £85

Sun Sniper




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