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Slide Camera Sling Strap

01/11/2016 by .
Slide Multiple Configurations

For many years I’ve been searching for the perfect slide camera sling strap as carrying a sizeable DSLR camera while out hiking can be quite challenging. A neck strap means that the camera is bouncing around on your stomach and in the city where you may want to be a little more discreet the camera is there, prominent for all to see. More so if your stomach is of a certain size and stature!

Some years ago I thought I had found the answer with a sling strap that sat diagonally across my chest allowing the camera to slide quickly up to shooting level. However after some months my initial euphoria turned to frustration as it became clear there were design faults. Primarily, as the camera was fixed to the strap via just one tripod mount it tended to ‘swing’ around when negotiating difficult terrain.

This fixing also meant the tripod could not be used without removing the strap. Furthermore, there are times when I still prefer to use a neck strap and if you have ever tried to fit a standard neck strap to a DSLR this is not a quick process.


But, in the Slide Camera Sling Strap, Peak Design has had that eureka moment and designed a strap that is so clever it answers those three problems and more!   How can a camera strap be clever I hear you say? .

The answer primarily is in the way the camera is connected to the strap. Simple but strong ‘Anchor’ links are fitted to the camera strap lugs and also to the tripod mount. These links allow you to change the way the Slide Camera Sling Strap hangs (neck, shoulder or sling) with just a simple one handed press and click action. As the camera is fixed via two links it sits comfortably next to your body without swinging around. Problem 1 solved!


The camera tripod mount is also compatible with Peak designs CAPTURE® clip allowing you to attach a tripod without removing the strap. Problem 2 solved! Changing from sling to neck use, again this is just a simple press and click action. Problem 3 solved!  The Slide Camera Sling Strap itself is constructed of incredibly strong internally padded webbing with a reversible ‘grippy’ side if preferred. There is also two neat durable aluminium quick-adjust handles to lengthen or shorten the strap in an instant.

Time will tell if my search for the perfect strap has come to an end, but after spending a weekend hiking in the Brecon Beacons with the Slide Camera Sling Strap, this one seems to tick all my boxes.  I am very confident now that I can move on to other less pressing issues, like why when I return from one of these trips I am always a sock short!

Tell me more about the Slide Camera Sling Strap

The Slide Camera Sling Strap by Peak Design is available for £59.99 from Jessops

Peak Design offers a whole range of straps for all types of cameras and usage

Slide Camera Sling Strap specifics:

Three straps in one: Sling, neck & shoulder carry styles in one strap. Quick connecting: Attach and detach with one hand using patent-pending Anchor link connection system.Quick adjusting: Quickly adjustable with 2 durable aluminum quick-adjust handles.Strong: Strong enough to hold any pro camera/lenses/accessory combination.Comfortable: Internally-padded webbing is low-profile, yet comfortable even with the heaviest of pro cameras.




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