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Historic Macao. Not a gamble, more like a sure bet.

01/12/2020 by .

K Gudi Wilderness Camp, Karnataka, southern India

28/07/2020 by .

Stuart Forster experiences the Kyathadevara Gudi Wilderness Camp located inside of the Biligiri Raganna Temple (BRT) Wildlife Sanctuary.

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Insider guide to Macao

20/07/2020 by .

Mike Pickup takes us on an exploration of Macao’s stunning mix of old Portugal and new China

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Insider Guide to Langkawi

22/06/2020 by .

The Langkawi archipelago, 99 natural islands and two man-made creations sit in the warm Straits of Malacca seas, to the south of Thailand and just a short ferry journey west of the Malaysian mainland.

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Insider Guide to Uzbekistan: Heart of the Silk Road

06/05/2020 by .

Towering minarets and dazzling tiled madrassas have long drawn foreign travellers across the desert sands to Samarkand.

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Touring Elephant Centres in Thailand

23/03/2020 by .

Animal welfare is always a concern for British travellers and, with so many of us visiting Thailand every year, the care of captive elephants is an issue that’s impossible to ignore.

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Getting into Hot Water in Kyushu Japan

29/01/2020 by .

If you’re interested in sampling Japan’s thermal baths, known as onsens, then you have to go to Kyushu.

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Exploring Hunan, China

25/11/2019 by .

Before I visited, the only thing I knew about Hunan was that the food was spicy.  Further research revealed that it’s a landlocked province in the south-central part of the country, surrounded by mountains, with the fertile Yangtze River to the north.

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Guide To The Maldives

15/07/2019 by .

Few parts of the earth are as synonymous with luxury as the Maldives, though it hasn’t always been thus: the archipelago in the Indian Ocean only began courting tourists in the 1970s, and many of the most extravagant island retreats came later.

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Hiroshima and the Setouchi Region

30/09/2018 by .

Hiroshima is a five-hour bullet train ride west of Tokyo and of course the city where the first atom bomb was dropped on 6th August 1945. It was almost completely flattened but since then it’s been entirely rebuilt.  It’s an attractive vibrant city, but of course, it’s hard to ignore its terrible history.

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