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AirPortr partners with British Airways to Check In luggage from home

12/10/2016 by .
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AirPortr, the airport luggage collection company has launched a doorstep check in service exclusively with British Airways which allows BA passengers to check in luggage from home from any London address straight onto their flight.

TripReporter reviewed the AirPortr service earlier this year this new partnership with British Airways to chech in luggage from home is a logical development  and a welcome one for for London based passengers who can enjoy the convenience of getting their bags checked in and avoiding the airport queues.

Philip Osmond, British Airways’ director of airport transformation said: “We are always looking at innovative ways in which to give our customers more choice and improve their journeys. We are excited to launch this exclusive service, delivered by AirPortr, which will offer an even smoother travel experience.”

Randel Darby, AirPortr CEO, said: “Our vision is to transform the way we travel and AirPortr + Bag Check-In is a game-changer in international travel. It is the next step in our range of services aimed to make air travel more convenient and stress free. We are delighted to be launching this service exclusively with British Airways in London, better connecting our city with global business and tourism.”


Mr Darby continued: “The one element of air travel that remained stuck in the 20th century was luggage and how to make the travel process more seamless for passengers. That is the problem we have sought to address. I am thrilled AirPortr + Bag Check-In is able to offer an accessible yet innovative service that benefits smart travellers.”

To check in luggage from home, prices start from £30 from central London for the first bag with an additional cost of £10 per additional bag.

For further information on AirPortr + Bag Check In please go to:


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