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A Driving Holiday Carries Hidden Costs

07/08/2014 by .

The AA has released statistics which show that during the summer months a driving holiday carries hidden costs amounting to hundreds of pounds if you suffer a breakdown while abroad.

Approximately, one in ten (11%) of respondents to an AA/Populus poll* said they would be driving abroad from the UK and if they travel without any form of breakdown cover they would see their holiday costs increase by over £600 if they breakdown. France, Ireland, Germany, Spain and Belgium are the top five most common destinations for a breakdown abroad.Problems with the engine and the car not starting are the most commonly reported reasons for a breakdown in Europe, followed by flat or damaged tyres, faulty batteries or an accident.

AA President, Edmund King, said: “August is the peak holiday season for road trips when many families and friends embark on long journeys to Europe in their cars. There are more cars on the road than other times of the year and temperatures are higher than usual, making overheating an issue. Many don’t realise that breaking down while driving on European roads can add over £600 to the cost of the holiday. Before heading off, motorists should ensure that they have prepared their vehicles for the journey. Details of what you need to check are on the AA’s website.”

To help motorists avoid costly repairs or suffer other motoring pitfalls the AA has produced a drivers Euro Travel Kit full of advice about what to do and have when driving in different countries.
If you don’t display a GB sign or a Euro Number Plate on your car when driving abroad, you are liable to receive an automatic fine
The following documents should be with you when you travel – a full driving licence, international driving permit (when necessary), original vehicle registration document, motor insurance certificate, passport, travel insurance documents and a visa (in certain countries)
If your vehicle is company owned, hired or borrowed you will need a letter of authorisation from the registered keeper
In case of an accident, you can dial 112 – the European emergency call number  – from anywhere in EU
The French Government confirmed that from 1st July 2012 all drivers (except mopeds) must carry a breathalyser
Most countries require all drivers and passengers to carry reflective jacket

The Euro travel Kit contains all the essential equipment needed in case of a breakdown and gives you £10 off the standard cost of European breakdown cover and an AA European Drivers Handbook.


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