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Reggia di Caserta, Italy

11/12/2021 by .

Hiking the Alta Via dei Monti Liguria, Italy

23/06/2020 by .

The Food and Wine of Siena, Tuscany

10/06/2020 by .
Pecorino Toscana

Around 100km due south of Florence, Siena is one of Italy’s best-preserved medieval cities and sits on three hills with the central piazza, known as Il Campo, at its heart.

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Tuscany’s Island of Elba, Italy

04/06/2020 by .
Portoferraio Steps

This small island, just 28km long and 19km wide, is famous as the place where Napoleon spent one year in exile and you’re reminded of that at every turn.

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A taste of Lake Garda

01/04/2020 by .
Sirmione on Lake Garda © B.Watts

The Brescia side of this Italian idyll offers waterfront views, quirky charm and world-class rosé wines. Beverley Watts explores Gardone Riviera on Garda’s western shore.

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A family campervan roundtrip from England to Croatia

27/01/2020 by .
Croatia coastal road

TripReporter’s regular testing family, Carole and Jason and their young boys Evan and Andy went on an exciting road trip with their VW campervan through ten countries, 2,920 miles and nine campsites.

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The best of Lombardy in a long weekend

13/12/2019 by .
Sirmione sunset © B.Watts

With medieval towns, charming cities and scenic mountains, hills and plains, Lombardy is a sumptuous destination. Beverley Watts enjoys its beauty and discovers the Italians’ secret to ensuring good luck

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Autumn Hiking Around Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy

15/10/2019 by .

Cortina is famous as a chic ski resort, nestling in the River Boite valley, beneath the imperial stone towers of the Dolomites, in the Southern Alps.

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Motor Racing and Violins in Lombardy, Italy

16/07/2019 by .
Stefano Conia and Workshop

It’s not for the faint of heart but it’s the best view of the city of Milan. I’m wandering around the roof terraces of the magnificent 14th-century cathedral.

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Hiking the Shores of Lake Garda

29/04/2019 by .

The Italian lakes are justly famous, tourists attracted by their turquoise blue waters, and Lake Garda, framed by mountains rising steeply upwards, is one of the most popular.

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