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Exciting E-Biking In Ischgl. Austria

29/09/2023 by .
E-Biking In Ischgl

Ischgl is the venue for the fifth edition of the E-Bike World Championship but Rupert Parker enjoys some non-competitive e-biking in Ischgl and still cycles the mountains.

 Ischgl is best known as a world-class skiing resort in the heart of the Tyrolean Alps.  However, there’s more to this enchanting destination than just winter sports. In recent years, the town has embraced a new wave of eco-friendly adventure sports, and one of the most exciting events in its calendar is the World E-Bike Championship.

The popularity of electric bikes, or e-bikes, has surged in recent years, with riders of all ages and skills discovering the joys of assisted pedalling. Now almost anyone can tackle the steepest of alpine slopes. The World E-Bike Championship in Ischgl is a multi-day event that includes various categories, ensuring that riders of all levels can join in the excitement.

I’m offered the chance to compete in the EVERYONE class but choose to remain a spectator. Instead I hire a bike and get a guide to show me some of the slopes for e-biking in Ischgl. Even better, we take our bikes as far as we dare and then hike to the summits on foot.

Cycle Trail to Hohe Kopfe

E-Biking In Ischgl

Early morning mist greets us as we set out up the valley from Ischgl. The trail is first asphalt, then dirt and climbs gently to the village of Mathon at 1454m.   We cross the river and start ascending through the forest in a series of switchbacks.

It’s steep in places and I’m glad for the electrical assistance – the trick is to make sure that you’re in a low enough gear for the motor to kick in. After 40 minutes we’ve reached Larein Alpe at 1,850 m and abandon our bikes.

E-Biking In Ischgl

It’s now a long traverse on foot across the side of the valley, first level and then climbing steeply. Initially there’s forest but we’re soon above the treeline and are rewarded with magnificent views of the Silvretta mountain range, still with a dusting of snow.

It’s a fairly tough walk and I pick wild blueberries on the way for extra energy. After two hours, there’s a final push to the summit of Rauher Kopf at 2478m. The top is marked with a cross and we can see Ischgl laid out in the valley below.

We retrace our steps and pick up our bikes. There’s an option to divert to see the Berglisee but I’ve had enough for one day, so we cycle back down. The downhill requires extreme concentration as any tumble can lead to disaster. From the valley floor, it’s a short ride to a fish lunch at the Wildererhütte between Mathon and Ischgl.

  Cycling Through Ischgl

Next day dawns bright and sunny and I’m still aching from yesterday’s exertions. We follow the same route up the valley, along the edge of the forest, but don’t cross the river at Mathon. Instead, we carry on past Preserau to Valzur where the track climbs in a series of wide hairpins.

We reach the Friedrichshafener Hütte at 2,138 m and stop for coffee and a rest. The refuge sits next to a small lake and offers a great views of the Silvretta and the imposing Fluchthorn.

From here we cycle up another 150m before ditching our bikes. Then it’s a hard foot slog, ever upwards, following the Georg Prasser path to a couple of mountain lakes. These form the Brüllersee, at 2490m, and the snow-covered peaks are reflected in the waters.

Brullersee and Hohe Kopfe Trail up Ischgl Valley

Hohe Köpfe is only another 100m or so upwards, and it’s an easy climb to the summit. We make our way back down to the bikes and then enjoy a hearty sausage lunch at the Friedrichshafener Hütte. On our way down we pass some of the competitors taking part in the E-Bike Championships. They’re covered in mud and look as tired as I am. Back in Ischgl, I soak my weary limbs at the newly opened Silvretta Spa.

Cyclists e1696001800560

The final morning is when the main Championship race starts and it gives me a chance to see the real e-bikers in action. Even though I’m still smarting from my couple of days e-biking in Ischgl, I can feel secretly smug. After all, I’ve not only tackled the slopes by bicycle, but also conquered the summits on foot.

Tell Me More About E-Biking In Ischgl

For more information about e-biking in Ischgl and other activities visit Ischgl Tourism or call +43 50 990 100 or visit.

Bike Tours and Trails in Ischgl has information about routes.

The next E-Bike World Cup will take place in September 2024.

Return flights from London Gatwick to Innsbruck cost from £77 with

The Gatwick Express is the fastest way to get to the airport from central London.

A private taxi from Innsbruck to Ischgl costs €170/£144 with Alpentaxi.

A four-night stay at Hotel Alpina is priced from £328pp, based on two sharing with breakfast included. Food is good and the menu changes daily.

The Silvretta Spa is nearby.

Silvretta Therme Grill is inside the Spa.

Wilderhütte has excellent fish.

Friedrichshafener Hütte serves hearty mountain food.




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