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Ghostly goings on in San Antonio

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Considering San Antonio’s past, when it comes to ghosts and such like, you are pretty much spoilt for choice.

The Alamo aside, it was a frontier town after all and lawlessness was a way of life. Add to this, the Menger Hotel adjacent to The Alamo, one of the oldest buildings in town crammed full of period atmosphere and you have the perfect springboard for an after dark ghost tour.ghost tour

Loren is a founder member of the Sisters Grimm, a family owned business specialising in tales of the dead and conducts nightly tours of San Antonio’s infamous ghostly spots dressed in 19th century costume and armed with many a creepy tale.

As we go from one creepy site to the next, the torrid tales continue;  from the chambermaid in the Menger who still likes to clean the rooms after she was killed by a car, or the Indian chiefs who were all slaughtered in a house after arriving for peace talks, to the former prison now a hotel, where executed prisoners still roam the floors.Texas 222

Not just content with storytelling, we get photo evidence too, just to make you feel even more unsettled as you stand in the very hallway depicted in the photo complete with ghostly apparition. We all look around nervously hoping our ghost will appear to really add value to the proceedings.

The tour lasts around 2 hours and there is a fair bit of walking so you might want to take this into account if you are not used to doing a lot of walking. Still, it is worth the effort as you get to see things that are in the main a little off the tourist trail.

As well as her nightly tours Loren also hosts a weekly dinner at The Menger Hotel prior to the tour where you can wine and dine whilst taking in your fill of blood chilling stories.

Taking in the ghostly tales of San Antonio’s most haunted spots is a little creepy even if you are a cynic about such things. It is all well and good being a brave soul and dismissing this sort of thing as fantasy, but believe me when you are in a room where someone met an untimely end there is a little tension in the air. Now where did I put that garlic?

SistersGrimm Ghost Tours

$15 pp Children 7-15  $10


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