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Headphones Help You Sleep

29/10/2013 by .

If you think  there is no way headphones help you sleep then think again. SleepPhones, a revolution in headphones and sleep science and devised by a doctor can now ease the waking hours of insomniacs in the UK with the launch of the new Bluetooth version.

Developed in America, the latest addition to the pyjamas for ears range reinvent music for bed. The all new wireless SleepPhones  feature sleek, high-performance, Bluetooth®-enabled headphones wrapped in an ultra-soft, exceedingly comfortable headband, all designed to make listening to music in bed a dream.

Dr Wei-Shin Lai MD, a family doctor and co-inventor of SleepPhones said, “Lack of sleep is becoming epidemic and insomnia can lead to a whole host of medical problems such as diabetes, migraines, depression, and even heart disease. Listening to music, especially relaxing, slow tempo music can help those who struggle to get to sleep to drift off. Music can also help to lower the ‘noise floor’ so that people who likely to be distracted by other noises such as snoring partners, barking dogs or traffic can drown out those noises more easily.”

Wireless SleepPhones use Bluetooth® technology in order to receive the audio signal, which makes them compatible with a huge range of devices from iPhones and Android phones to tables, computers and many MP3 players. The wireless range is 10 metres and the battery can last up to 7 hours, perfect for a good night’s sleep.

Although they are the perfect headphones to use in bed, the versatile and comfortable design means Wireless™ SleepPhones are just as useful during waking hours. They can be used at the gym, while running, travelling or simply relaxing.

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What did we think? The headphone band is soft and cosy, perfect for wearing in bed and the sound quality is pitched about right. I found it a bit of a fiddle to get the battery out easily, which you have to do to charge it. and it also has a tendency to drop further inside the headband and hide behind one of the speakers. That said, my phone picked up the Bluetooth signal easily and paired without a problem. Wireless SleepPhonesare are  a great idea, come in a wide range of colours and they’re perfect for those long haul flights.


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