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Maxell MXH-DD600 headphones

22/11/2013 by .
dualdynamicdriver product

Maxell was at one time the driving force behind all things tape, sticky, storage and otherwise.

Over the last few years it has quietly reinvented itself into a manufacturer of affordable but high quality audio electronics and with the release of its M-Mark brand the blue touch paper has been well and truly lit.

M-Mark is Maxell’s premium label and kicking it off is the MXH-DD600, a pair of impressive in-ear headphones that might be in the sub £100 bracket but will give their illustrious higher end rivals a run for their money.

The phones have powerful dual dynamic drivers for both low and midrange frequency responses giving out a decently powerful bass, without detracting from the mid to high frequencies so you get a balanced sound across the range. They sit in a rigid aluminium body, reducing the distractions of unwanted frequencies.

Sound apart, headphones for me, have to be comfortable and above all free of wire knotting, so often the cause of broken cables and irritating time wasting. The MXH-DD600 gets ticks on both counts thankfully, using flat cables which fixes the tangling issue, and a choice of four earpieces to cover every ear size.

The icing on the cake is the phones are treated with silver ion,  whose anti bacterial properties in treating infections are well documented, so no risk of catching anything from the person sitting next to you on the plane then.

MXH-DD600 £79.99


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