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Logitech MX Keys Mini wireless keyboard

30/04/2023 by .
Logitech MX Keys Mini wireless keyboard

Andy Mossack reviews the Logitech MX Keys Mini wireless keyboard and finds this pocket rocket a real game changer.

Logitech has long been the go-to brand for high-quality highly affordable peripherals. With a history dating back some 42 years, this Swiss manufacturer consistently produces innovative gaming and business products that always seem to hit the sweet spot.

Our reviews of the Logitech MX Keys Mini wireless keyboard and the MX Master 3 wireless mouse combination are perfect examples.

The Logitech MX Keys Mini wireless keyboard is a compact version of the much-loved MX Keys wireless keyboard but this one is aimed fair and square at the creative industry and the work-from-home brigade. An ideal companion for get-up-and-go people looking for a light and compact keyboard that will fit easily in a shoulder bag or small case. Being a compact there are compromises of course, and with the MX Keys Mini you lose the numeric keypad, but the benefits far outweigh this sacrifice.

Logitech MX Keys Mini

The top row function array has a few additions worth pointing out. A mute/unmute mike key, an emoji key to instantly insert your favourite emoji in an email or document, and a dictation-to-text key that opens your system’s dictation function.

The keyboard feels great to type on. The soft chiclet-style keys offer little resistance while the permanent tilt provides a comfortable angle for typing. The keyboard is also backlit, a perfect solution for me when I have to type in low-light situations. It’s also sensor-driven, so it recognises when your fingers are near and lights up before you hit a key. It also manages the light intensity depending on the ambient conditions. Clever stuff.

The standard charge provides ten days of use, but with the backlighting off, that jumps to a generous five months between charging. Add the Logitech Options software and you’ll be able to see how much is left at the flick of a switch. You can also pair the MX Keys Mini to up to three devices at a time via Bluetooth.

I found the MX Keys Mini a real pocket rocket, and best of all provided a great deal more space on a cluttered desktop.

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Logitech MX Keys Mini Wireless Keyboard £109.99.

Comes in three colour options – rose, graphite and pale grey. Height: 131.95 mm Width: 295.99 mm Depth: 20.97 mm Weight: 506.4 g








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