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Amelia Island, North Florida

25/05/2019 by .

For a strip of barrier land just 4 miles by 13 miles, Amelia Island has had its fair share of suitors battling over it.

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Orlando beyond just theme parks

13/02/2017 by .

Can you have a holiday in Orlando without setting foot in Disney? Andy Mossack discovers there is a another Orlando beyond just  theme parks.

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South east Florida and the Everglades

13/10/2014 by .

A first timer might believe Florida is 90 per cent theme parks and  golf resorts, the Sunshine State  attractions relentlessly plugged by the travel brochures. But it is easier than you think to forget about   ‘Mickey’  and his mates when you visit south east Florida and the Everglades, going alligator spotting in the Everglades, cruising down the Florida Keys in a convertible with a warm breeze nicely messing your hair up or even parading your new plastic surgery among the bodies beautiful along Miami’s famed South Beach.

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St. Petersburg and Clearwater

19/09/2014 by .

Anna Smith heads to St. Petersburg and Clearwater  the home of Dolphin Tale movies, located on a peninsula on Florida’s Gulf coast, bordered by the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay.

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Stand Up Boarding in Florida

22/07/2014 by .

It was, it has to be said, the perfect day for it. I knew because Jeff Archer, the man partly responsible for Florida’s stand up boarding craze, said it was. He calls it YOLO (You Only Live Once) and I was about to be a YOLOist.

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Anna Maria Island. It’s like the Caribbean without the cost.

13/06/2014 by .

8pm and the Sandbar Restaurant on Anna Maria Island is in full swing. Of course the full on wedding party helps the mood somewhat, but with nothing but miles of sand, sea and pelicans in front of you, you don’t need much persuading that life could be a lot worse. It’s a little bit special eating good food with Florida soft sand between your toes, the soft swishing sound of surf reminding you the warm Gulf of Mexico is a close neighbour.

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The best outlet shopping in Orlando

03/02/2014 by .

Have you wondered just how much you could really save finding the best outlet shopping in Orlando? How much further could your dollars take you if you shopped in the right places?  Let me show you just where to get the very best value retail therapy.

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Miami Art and Deco. The Perfect Double Act.

30/10/2013 by .

To all intents and purposes, it was a hotel and restaurant; a nice one it has to be said, but a hotel and restaurant nevertheless. But the minute it was pointed out to me that The Carlisle was where Don Johnson stepped out of his red Ferrari in the opening shot of the very first episode of Miami Vice, it took on a whole new meaning for me.

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Best Attractions in Kissimmee

23/10/2013 by .

With a neighbour like Orlando sitting on the doorstep, you might think Kissimmee is just the doorway to where the real Florida fun is.

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The Atlantis Space Shuttle. Truly out of this world.

10/10/2013This entry was posted in Florida, North America, USA and tagged , on by .

The Kennedy Space Centre is an exciting place to be anytime, any day, but with the opening of its new Atlantic attraction, the bar has just been raised to the stratosphere. How can it not be, when you consider what you encounter?

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