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Road trip around Georgia. Discover Georgia’s amazing musical heritage.

03/01/2020 by .
Road trip around Georgia

Rupert Parker takes a road trip around Georgia’s musical roots taking in Macon, Savannah, Athens and Thomson

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17/08/2015 by .
mercer williams

Doesn’t the name Savannah just roll off the tongue, conjuring up mystery, romance, intrigue, even darkness? For me it did. There are places we love before ever seeing them and Georgia’s Crown Jewel was one of them.

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Atlanta. Fashion capital of southern USA

13/01/2015 by .
Lenox Louis Vuitton1

Atlanta has hit the headlines over the years on more than a few occasions. It was for example, the only city in the USA to be destroyed by fire thanks to General Sherman in the Civil War, (who can forget those scenes in Gone with the Wind)  it was where Coca-Cola was invented  (and is still made to this day) then it had the dubious honour of being host to the rebirth of the Klu Klux Klan in the early 1900s, and in the 1960s was the home of Martin Luther King Jr.  and the civil rights movement.

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