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Cooking Gumbo in New Orleans

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‘I tend to scream at you and then feed you, as that’s how I grew up,’ chef Toya Boudy tells us as we start to watch her cookery demonstration at the New Orleans School of Cooking, in the heart of the French Quarter. We’re cooking gumbo in New Orleans and it’s clear from the start that we’re in for an entertaining afternoon, and it’s no surprise to learn that Toya has been an actress and also has her own YouTube channel . She’s a natural entertainer and we spend as much time laughing as learning.

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Houmas House, New Orleans. Just a sweet sweet southern belle.

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Kevin Kelly was in an expansive mood. After all, it was lunch time and we were enjoying some of his fine southern hospitality courtesy of cuisine wizard, Jeremy Langlois .

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New Orleans. Life After Mardi Gras

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Monday morning and for a traditional ‘eye opener’, the bloody Mary in front of me was about as eye opening as you can get. This is breakfast New Orleans style and having it at Brennan’s on Royal Street has been something of a tradition in the Big Easy since 1946.

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