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Square 1682

Square 1682. Culinary excellence in Philly

There is something rather satisfying in being told that what you’ve just ordered has been an ‘inspirational choice’. I feel very pleased with myself that somehow I managed to pick the one item on the Square 1682 Philadelphia menu that surpassed all the others, and took a moment to glory in my success.

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Philadelphia Historic Districts

Philadelphia Historic Districts. Uncover hidden gems

Philadelphia Historic Districts are a joy to wander and the Old City/Historic District is America’s most historic square mile, no question.

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Philadelphia and Rocky

Philadelphia and Rocky. Discover Iconic movie location.

Five out of the six Rocky movies were shot in Philly and the Rocky statue at the foot of the steps of the Museum of Art is Philly’s biggest tourist attraction. Philadelphia and Rocky really do go hand in hand.

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tax free shopping in philly

Tax free shopping in Philly is real retail therapy.

There’s little to choose between New York and Philadelphia on many levels from food to football, but when it comes to tax free shopping in Philly this city has a definite edge.

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Philly for Foodies

Philly for Foodies. A thrilling culinary adventure

Andy Mossack discovers the very best places to eat in Philadelphia. Food is an essential part of what makes Philadelphia tick. Each neighbourhood has its own unique style,

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Andy Mossack travels to the birthplace of freedom as he offers his travel guide to Philadelphia

Travel Guide to Philadelphia. Uncover hidden gems.

Andy Mossack reveals his travel guide to Philadelphia. Philly will last long in the memory, simply because it has so much to offer. You’ll get the humour, the characters and the buzz of the Big Apple, but you’ll also get much better value for money.

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