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Weekend in Austin. Just what you unexpected.

The packed crowd in Austin’s legendary Continental Club were watching The Whiskey Sisters strut their country rock stuff and clearly loving every minute of it. This is what a weekend in Austin should be like.

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The Granary Cue & Brew. San Antonio

If you didn’t know any better, you would drive right on past  The Granary Cue & Brew location at The Pearl Brewery, thinking it was the long forgotten relic of a once thriving local beer enterprise on the edge of town.

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San Antonio travel guide.

Just a stone’s throw from the remains of The Alamo, San Antonio’s colonial shrine to the 200 Texans who lost their lives fighting for independence from Mexico in 1836, there is a small bridge on a busy street over the San Antonio River.

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David Adickes Giant Statues in Houston.

In a dusty parking lot in a rather unfashionable part of downtown Houston, former president George Bush stands patiently adjacent to John, Paul, George and Ringo; almost like he is auditioning for the unlikeliest supergroup of all time.

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Guide to Texas

For a state that’s been affiliated to three different countries and also had a go at independence, you might be forgiven for thinking you’ll hear a few mixed messages from the locals.

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