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Park Weggis Hotel

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Main image Park Weggis The Sparkling Resort

Sylvia the keeper of the bar at the sumptuous Park Weggis Hotel, is something of a whiskey buff I’m led to believe. So I leave the choice of my late night dram to her. After all, as they say, why have a dog and bark yourself.

The Park Weggis Hotel is almost within paddling distance of Switzerland’s Lake Lucerne. Well at least it’s private beach and boat dock is; the rows of sun beds next to a tiki beach bar are testimony to this. The rest of the hotel is just the other side a small road, accessible through a short tunnel.

The hotel is, what we travel writers like to call, “a hidden gem” some thirty minutes drive from Lucerne itself, around the lake to a small town called Weggis, which coincidentally is in the middle of its annual RosenFest. A festival celebrating all things roses.

Adara Junior night 1

Nothing rose coloured about the Park Weggis Hotel however. 52 quite outstanding rooms, of which 10 of them, in the new Adara wing, are all stunning state of the art suites. I’m talking about one huge room with a bed on a raised dais surrounded by a circle of drapes; a huge lounge area on a lower tier with circular settees and  giant flat screen TV; and the bathroom area a study of marble and hi tech water apparatus

Outside, our own patio and small lawn area with twin sun loungers side by side.

The luxury wellness centre transports us to another world. A sanctuary of velvety cushions and cucumber flavoured water and an infinity pool of body temperature water.

Pool day time

Yes there are extensive therapy treatments from aesthetic dermatology to Tibetan massage. But the jewels for me are the six private spa cottages around the Japanese Garden each with their own sauna, massage table, steam room,  foot bath and music menu.

SPA Cottage 2

This is a beautiful spot. The huge lake is a constant companion as is bird song. And Lucerne is just a boat ferry ride away.

There are two main restaurants at Park Weggis Hotel: the new La Brasserie specialising in southern French cuisine and supported by an impressive list of excellent French wines.

Veranda_La Brasserie_Abend

However, we are dining al fresco at the GaultMillau awarded Park Grill; where under the watchful eye of celebrity Swiss chef Andre Jaeger meat is imported directly from the USA and other ingredients are sourced through local suppliers or from hunting and foraging.

Sitting at our table, we watch the lake change colour as dusk approaches and the sun drops behind the silent mountains in the distance.

Park Grill - T-Bone steak

Tomorrow we journey on around the Grand Tour of Switzerland but for now It is the most perfect end to a great day.

We devour homesmoked salmon and teriyaki before tucking in to a handsome Nebraska Wagyu tenderloin and a perfectly grilled Pata Negra pork chop with trimmings.

Whole area sunset

Back in the bar now and Sylvia decides on a Japanese single malt for my late night dram.

“Trust me” she says “you’ll love it.”

Why argue with an expert. As Kurt, a local bar regular is quick to point out about the recent Brexit referendum:  “Welcome to freedom” he tells me “in 5 years you will all be a lot richer.”

The whiskey was epic.

Let’s hope he also knows what he’s talking about.

Tell me more about Park Weggis Hotel

Park Weggis Hotel
Hertensteinstrasse 34
6353 Weggis/Lucerne
Phone +41 41 392 05 05










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