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The Pocket Beer Book 2014

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Pocket Beer Book

The Pocket Beer Book 2014 is proclaiming itself as the definitive and most up-to-date guide to the best beers in the world.

Acclaimed beer writers Stephen Beaumont and Tim Webb, authors of another beer-inspired creation, The World Atlas of Beer, have collaborated with a team of international beer experts to create this comprehensive guide to all things beer. From the Bock beers of Germany to the Trappist beers of Belgium, the complex bitters and stouts of Britain to the cutting-edge brews of North America, this expert selection covers the extraordinary variety the world’s beers now have to offer. The core guide covers the brews of 60 countries, providing up-to-the-minute notes and ratings for over 3000 beers.

Tasting notes, organised by country, provide succinct commentary on the chosen beers and cover the brewery and each beer’s key characteristics. With thousands of beers covered, this book encompasses more familiar established beers as well as exciting new discoveries from the myriad craft breweries that are emerging around the world.

Punctuating the tasting notes is information on ‘beer destinations’, specific places where you can best experience a beer in situ. An extensive introductory chapter looks at emerging trends, styles of beer – also how to match your beer with food.

This landmark guide provides beer lovers with easy access to an expert overview and puts a world of superb beers at their disposal.

“There can be very little doubt that beer drinkers have never had it so good. In surveying the state of the brewing world for this book, we contacted experts and beer enthusiasts on six continents, from the classic European beer lands to the last places you might ever expect to discover a fine and flavourful ale or lager. And what we found is that worthy beer now resides almost everywhere.” – Stephen Beaumont and Tim Webb


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Published by Mitchell Beazley, 2 September, £12.99 Flexiback, £6.99 eBook



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