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Skyscanner uncovers the direct flights we wish existed

27/10/2016 by .

For anyone who tackles long haul travel, the day when direct flights become the norm cannot come quick enough. Can the unwanted stop over really be coming to an end?  As Skyscanner uncovers the direct flights we wish existed through some latest research, it seems there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

Research by travel search engine Skyscanner analysed travellers’ most searched for airline routes that currently don’t exist and revealed that UK travellers want direct flights to Australia, with no less than four of the 10 most popular routes searched wanting Oz as the destination.

Prayers might well be answered next year as Qantas plans to launch a 16 hour flight direct from London to Perth, while 2018 is the proposed date for supersonic flights, which would see travellers getting from the UK to Sydney in less time than it currently takes to fly to Europe!

Cat McGloin, Skyscanner’s Travel Editor. “Thousands of Brits fly to Australia each year so it is possibly not surprising that this would be on the wish list for so many but it is also interesting to see the demand from regional airport travellers to further flung destinations.  With airports such as Manchester and Glasgow already offering long haul flights to Canada and Dubai, it is likely that we could see airlines capitalise on this demand by adding to their offering with further options to popular destinations such as Thailand.

New York to Bangkok remains the most popular but unserved search between the Americas and Asia, while the Budapest to New York connection is the most searched route between EMEA and the Americas.


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