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SPOKE Storm Denims

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It’s rare these days to find an online retailer that really does put the customer first, but thankfully, SPOKE is one of those mighty few.

You might think I’m being a tad generous with my platitude, after all, it is very easy for retailers to trot out customer loyalty promises and ‘customer-centric values’ blah blah, but SPOKE really does deliver on its promise.

For a start, there’s the no quibble 200-day free returns policy. A 6-month guarantee to a refund or an exchange for whatever reason. It’s a generous and some might say downright commercially unsound, but I think it’s an excellent example of just how to generate customer loyalty. All deliveries are free too, so no hidden charges added at checkout.

SPOKE Storm Denim cut out

Then there’s the bespoke part of SPOKE. Finishing to order each time; a sort of middle ground between bespoke and ready to wear. So, as an example let’s take a pair of trousers. Using SPOKE’s Fit Finder guide, you can answer a simple questionnaire about your height, weight, age and general body size for SPOKE to find your ideal fit, or simply quick order a pair by giving them your waist and leg size and thickness of thigh and you’ll receive a package custom finished to your particular size and shape.

It’s a genius system that, in practice, works exactly as it says on the tin. My order was quick and easy, and my Storm denims arrived within four days, cut and finished to my spec.

The Storm denims first caught my eye because they’re waterproof. Aimed at the lucrative outdoor market with a fashion conscience, the denim contains nano yarn, a technology that has transformed the textile industry. It makes the fabric more durable, pliable, and resistant to extreme weather conditions.  So, these 12 oz denims are stretchy and water repellent, perhaps perfect for cycling into work, or weekend biking or for anyone who fancies looking good pedalling. SPOKE has given a nod in their direction with hi-vis turn-ups and a discreet D-lock holder stitched into the back belt loop.

SPOKE StormDenim model cutout

But frankly, these denims would look terrific without using the bike as an accessory, which, let’s face it are what jeans are meant to be for. Comfortable practical trousers for everyday use that would be just as suitable for smart or casual wear.

I found the stretchy denim made them a really comfortable fit, the hi-viz turn-ups adding an extra dash of flair. The indigo is luxuriously dark and the stitching is beautifully crafted. What is clear is these are made from premium denim and SPOKE makes it quite clear how to keep the indigo from fading. The inside of the pocket is bedecked with instructions on how to keep them looking the best. From restricting the number of washes to specific steps on how to wash and dry them.

As a final burst of generosity, you’ll find a book of vouchers inside the delivery box entitled SPOKE Recommends, giving you discounts with a number of other online partner suppliers such as Pasta Evangelists or Craft Gin Club. And there’s another reminder in there about how to exchange or get a refund should you need one. All in all, a highly customer-centric operation that ticks every box on how to do online retailing properly.

SPOKE Storm denims are the real deal. Then again, with such a generous returns policy, what have you got to lose?

Tell me more about SPOKE Storm Denims

Every pair of SPOKE Storm Denims is hand finished to order in over 200 sizes.

With SPOKE’s online Fit-Finder, men can select their perfect size in just 60 seconds. Delivery is free and there is also a bulletproof 200-day returns policy.


See also my review of SPOKE Bulletproof Chinos for an alternative to denim.


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