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Stewart Golf R1-S Push Trolley

17/01/2018 by .
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Manual trolleys have a deeply unfair rep in my opinion. While all the clubhouse talk is focussed on the latest electric models and battery life, the faithful manual trolley is something of a hermit, often lying cold and alone in the trolley shed. Yet these workhorses still do their rounds come rain and shine. And generally without a single moan.

Of course, their stars shined a little brighter once the push method came along, but to my mind, they are still considered as ugly sisters.

But with Stewart Golf’s new R1-S Push,  there is nothing remotely ugly about it. In fact, I’d go as far as to say it verges on being almost trendy. Ten different colour schemes for a start; all of them cheery enough to brighten up the dullest of mornings. There’s the thoughtful nest of holders for your umbrella, scorecard, drink bottle, pen and balls. Ingenious padded bag jaws that effortlessly grab any size of bag and smart and simple silicone straps to hold it in place.

SuperLight R1 grey


But then comes the science. Stewart Golf has built its brand on the back of British quality engineering, and the R1-S Push has quality engineering all over it. At its heart is a rack and pinion folding mechanism that uses 4 racks and 4 pinions to smoothly and effortlessly unfold the moving parts simultaneously with a simple lever to lock it all into place. It folds back down again just as easily into a compact little bundle that will fit neatly into the car or on a shelf in the trolley shed.

Stewart is keen to point out that this patented design stops dirt and grime getting anywhere near the moving parts as its all hidden away inside the aluminium frame. Less opportunity for anything to jam and a longer life for the trolley in the process.

Finishing it off is a footbrake that firmly anchors the trolley when you need to park it.

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The trolley performs very well on the course although with its fixed front wheel, turning a tight angle can be a little clumsy. That said, it rode the winter fairways with ease and after a spray of water looked every inch the glamour puss back in the clubhouse.

Coming in at just 8 kg and with a 2-year guarantee, the Stewart Golf R1-S Push brings a much-needed touch of sparkle back to the manual trolley.

An ugly sister no more.

Tell me more about the Stewart Golf R1-S Push Trolley

 Stewart Golf R1-S Push Trolley available from Stewart Golf for  £199

Ten different colour schemes available.

You might also fancy Stewart’s new super light cart bag to put on the trolley. Just 2.7kg, 14 full-length dividers and dedicated putter well. £129.

Stewart Golf Limited
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Quedgeley, Gloucester
Tel: 0333 800 1818  E:



8 thoughts on “Stewart Golf R1-S Push Trolley

  1. Anonymous

    Whilst I love the Stewart golf products, I have both an electric and push model from Stewart golf, they all have the same major flaw (in my opinion). That is – a very flimsy umbrella holder, which is prone to snapping at the slightest of wind gusts. Here in the UK it is common practice to keep your umbrella in its holder whilst on the move. For some insane reason, Stewart Golf decided to produce trolleys with umbrella holders that are not designed to do that. You are advised to remove the umbrella whilst on the move and only place it in the holder when you have stopped and are going to play your shot. You would think that a British company would understand this very basic concept. Perhaps their trolley designers are only fair weather players.

      1. andy mossackAndy Mossack Post author

        Hi Blobby, here is the reply I received from Stewart Golf “The X Series umbrella holder is not designed to be in place whilst on the move. The reason for this is because the trolley is built as a remote control or follow trolley. At no time should you be walking directly behind the trolley as you would with a conventional electric trolley. It should either be ahead of you ready to meet you at the ball or behind you allowing you to walk with both hands-free.”

  2. William Brown

    The comment in the review ‘Ingenious padded bag jaws that effortlessly grab any size of bag and smart and simple silicone straps to hold it in place’ does not ring true for me.

    I have a Callaway ORG 14 bag. In order for the top strap to be located I have to place a block of wood under the bag. I also have to pad out the clamps so that the bag sits more upright, otherwise the clubs get in the way of the trolley top box, card holder and drink holder.

    Yes, a great trolley looks wise and fold mechanics. But not ideal at all for bag positioning.

    1. andy mossackAndy Mossack Post author

      Hi Bill. Interesting feedback. I tested the R1 Push trolley with a Mizuno lightweight carry bag as well as the Stewart cart bag to see how the two sizes compared. The silicone straps are so much easier than those awful snap in strap locks. One thing I did find was that my woods covered the top box, but I simply rearranged the clubs in the bag to get around this.

  3. Graham

    Hi, I have a R1-S Push and use either a Powakaddy bag or a lighter Motacaddy bag and also find that the clubs (wedges) rest on the top box. I realise the angle of the handle can be adjusted, but to clearly avoid resting on the box, one would have to have the handle parralell to the ground which is not good for pushing nor for the back.
    Do either of the two new bags that have just been brought out by Stewart compare any more favourably?


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