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Where I’d Rather Be Umbrellas

09/12/2014 by .
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If the thought of getting through this coming winter drizzle fills you with dread, there may be a spark of sunshine waiting above you all the time. Where I’d Rather Be Umbrellas is a new company created by Anna Brownjohn and Juliet Shirbin, two Australian ladies who have added a splash of colour and glamour to the often staid world of umbrellas.

Where I’d Rather Be Umbrellas offer stunningly colourful 360 degree under-canopy photos of highly desirable exotic destinations wrapped around the underside of their brollies, so when you’re feeling miserable things might literally be looking up if you raise your eyes!

There are eight different designs across both compact folding and classic from blissful beach settings, tropical landscapes and safari scenes, to majestic snow capped mountains.


The brollies themselves are hand sewn and made from highly durable fibreglass and electroplated steel, sturdy enough they say, to withstand a decent gust and certainly water repellent making the canopy quick dry.

Our test brolly had an exotic tropical beach image and came wrapped in its own  impressively strong cover with velcro fastening. The canopy itself proved more than capable in the face of some pretty fierce showers, and I have to admit, looking up and seeing that beach scene really did make me smile!

Where I’d Rather Be Umbrellas are trendy very well made products which add a touch of much needed colour to products that let’s face it are more often than not simply tools to keep you dry. If only they had ultra violet tanning built in too…….

I want one how much are they?

Where I’d Rather Be Umbrellas  £29.99 (classic) £27.99 (folding)



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